CES 2016: Gamut’s Lobster chair is designed for audiophiles

We're used to testing speakers and electronics here on What Hi-Fi?, but to be honest we don't give much thought to the furniture we are sitting on while we are testing.

That may be about to change. Making its debut here at CES 2016 is a special 'hi-fi' chair, the Lobster, from Danish audio manufacturer Gamut. We haven't tried it out yet, but very much look forward to doing so.

On a more serious note, Gamut is marking CES with the world debut of its new flagship Zodiac loudspeaker, a development of the existing RS9.

"The Zodiac is basically my dream loudspeaker," says Benno Baun Meldgaard, Gamut's designer. "This is my Mona Lisa. It's me taking loudspeaker design and engineering to the ultimate, removing any and all constraints - including cost - to create a genuine masterpiece of musicality."

Only 12 pairs will be hand made each year, one per month, and each will bear the relevant sign of the astrological zodiac.

"As an audio designer and lover of live music, this is the kind of project you live for," says Benno.

Key features of the Zodiac include custom-designed drive units, a new system of internal spacing within the cabinet using bespoke acoustic filters and a new crossover design using components supplied by Janzen Audio.

Any customer who buys a pair will receive a personal visit from Benno to help them fine-tune them in their own home. And if you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford them.

Last year Gamut won a Stars of CES Award from us for its RS7 loudspeakers.

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Andy Clough

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