Cello Electronics launches PVR TV using SD cards not HDD

Cello TV

Set to retail under the Cello and Soundwave brands, the sets will have twin digital tuners and twin SD card slots allowing you to record two channels at once.

And if that isn't enough – the TVs also come with built-in DVD players. This versatile HD-Ready TV is available in three screen sizes, 22in, 26in and 32in.

This TV will be available in its Cello form from Studio and Ace catalogues, the 26in for £400 and 32in for £470.

Branded as Soundwave, the TV will be available in Freemans and Grattan catalogues. Again it's £400 for the 26in but strangely it's £450 for the 32in. We know where we'd be buying that 32in, then...

Cello products are also found in Comet, John Lewis, Netto, Sainsbury's and more, and the company has plans to bring the company's PVR technology to Marks & Spencer, too.