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Canton announces DM60 soundbase to replace Award-winning DM55

Canton has been a prominent (and successful) player in the £300-500 soundbase market, with several models being awarded four and five star reviews from us over the years.

The most favourable was arguably been the DM55, which in 2016 was given a What Hi-Fi? Award to sit atop its flat shiny surface. And now, three years since its debut, it has a successor.

The DM60, which replaces the DM55, takes the company’s DM soundbase range further with 1) a new ‘music’ mode designed to enhance playback via TV and Bluetooth, and 2) Canton claims, upgraded sound quality.

The 200-watt 2.1-channel soundbase features various modes alongside the new ‘music’ setting, including ‘voice’ for boosting dialogue clarity; ‘hotel’ for setting maximum volume levels that can’t be overridden; ‘eco’ for power-saving performance; and an adjustable lip-sync setting.

Joining aptX Bluetooth support are optical, coaxial and 3.5mm inputs for connecting Blu-ray players, TVs, portable music players and the like.

Aesthetically, it would be difficult to play ‘spot the difference’ with the DM60 and its predecessor - going from the images you can see here at least. There’s the same logical and easy-to-use remote, down-firing drivers and shiny top, which Canton claims can support TVs weighing up to 40kg (so most, then).

The Canton DM60 is priced £349 and available now in black and white finishes, with a silver version to follow next month.


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