B&W XT speakers
B&W has revamped its XT speaker range with a new floorstander, improved sound and a choice of new finishes

We first spotted B&W's revamped XT speaker range at CES back in January, and mighty fine it looked too.

Today the company has confirmed the arrival of the revised XT series in the UK, with improved performance across the range, a new floorstander and a choice of new finishes.

Designed for hi-fi or home cinema use, the XT cabinets are crafted from aluminium and come in three versions: the XT8 floorstander (£2300/pair), the XT2 standmounter (£799/pair) and the XTC centre speaker (£599). You can also add B&W's Award-winning PV1 subwoofer (£929.79).

They're available in black or a new "natural aluminium" finish.

Hi-fi or home cinema useThe new XT8 three-way floorstander is designed for use as a stereo pair in a hi-fi system, or the front left and right channels in a home cinema system.

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It incorporates a Nautilus Tapering Tube Tweeeter, a woven Kevlar driver for the midrange and two 5in paper/Kevlar bass drivers.

B&W's Fixed Suspension Transducer (FST) technology, designed to enhance musical definition, is also included and has been developed from the company's more expensive models.

The XT2 standmounter can be used as a stereo pair or as the rear effect speakers in a surround sound system, and has the option of wall mounting or placement on dedicated stands, the FS-XT.

For those who want to build a complete 5.1 system, the XTC centre and PV1 subwoofer will complement the rest of the range, says B&W.