B&W's XT series speakers get a makeover

Today the company has confirmed the arrival of the revised XT series in the UK, with improved performance across the range, a new floorstander and a choice of new finishes.

Designed for hi-fi or home cinema use, the XT cabinets are crafted from aluminium and come in three versions: the XT8 floorstander (£2300/pair), the XT2 standmounter (£799/pair) and the XTC centre speaker (£599). You can also add B&W's Award-winning PV1 subwoofer (£929.79).

They're available in black or a new "natural aluminium" finish.

Hi-fi or home cinema use
The new XT8 three-way floorstander is designed for use as a stereo pair in a hi-fi system, or the front left and right channels in a home cinema system.

It incorporates a Nautilus Tapering Tube Tweeeter, a woven Kevlar driver for the midrange and two 5in paper/Kevlar bass drivers.

B&W's Fixed Suspension Transducer (FST) technology, designed to enhance musical definition, is also included and has been developed from the company's more expensive models.

The XT2 standmounter can be used as a stereo pair or as the rear effect speakers in a surround sound system, and has the option of wall mounting or placement on dedicated stands, the FS-XT.

For those who want to build a complete 5.1 system, the XTC centre and PV1 subwoofer will complement the rest of the range, says B&W.