chordco superscreen mains
New SuperScreen mains cable aims to deliver ' superb performance at a very affordable price"

Among the many new products being shown by The Chord Company at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show is its latest mains cable: SuperScreen.

The cable, which starts from £65 for a 1m version, has been designed as an affordable upgrade, and the company freely admits that "the price constraint involved a compromise on the cable or the shielding or a change of mains plugs.

"In a move that may shock the audiophile community Chord has chosen a moulded plug. Given the budget and the performance target, radical (to the audiophile community that is) ideas were tried.

"So the moulded plug was experimented with and listened to, both in conventional listening situations and blind.  The results were conclusive: given the attention to detail of the internal wiring layout the moulded plug outperformed the more audiophile looking screwed on plug.

What's more, the choice of plug has further long-term benefits: "It not only outperformed [the screwed-on plug] when new, but after a few weeks it 'thrashed it sideways' as the screw connections became looser but the cold welded joints on the moulded plugs remained consistent."

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The cable itself uses the same contra-rotated dual foil shields found in the company's Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable, with the heavy gauge shields left fully floating, and surrounded by a vibration-damping outer insulation.

The conductors themselves are multistranded copper, in dense but flexible PVC insulation.