Bryston 4B SST Sq
New SST² range features design enhancements throughout, runs from 2x100W model right up to 1kW monobloc

Due to be launched in the UK at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show is a complete new power amplifier range from Canadian manufacturer Bryston.

The new SST² (SST Squared) range uses what the company calls its 'first and last Watt' design concept, which means the amps are designed to deliver the lowest noise floor, least distortion and best drive capability right across the power range.

The SST² models also feature new transformer and chassis designs, a new balanced input stage and simplification in the form of a reduced number of circuitboards and less point-to-point wiring

The output chokes and power supply board are new, as is the push on/off switch, and the circuitry allowing the stereo amps to be used in bridged mode has also been improved.

The entry-level model in the new line-up, which is distributed in the UK by PMC, is the 2B SST², delivering 2x100W and costing £2850, while other stereo amps in the range are the £3450 3B (2x150W), the 2x300W 4B (£4000, pictured), and the 2x500W 14B, at £7500.

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There are two monobloc amps, the 500W 7B (£4000), and 1kW 28B (£7500), while the 3x300W 6B completes the line-up, also at £7500.

All the amps are available in black or silver.