A round-up of the week's highlights, including the Monitor Audio Silver 200 speaker package and a preview of IFA 2017...

This week VPI introduced a high-end, 'affordable' plug 'n' play turntable called the Player, JBL revealed its largest wireless speaker yet in the Boombox and more leaks emerged surrounding Apple's plans for a 4K HDR Apple TV.

Elsewhere we had a number of reviews, the most notable being Roksan's Blak integrated amplifier and Monitor Audio's Silver 200 AV12 speaker package.

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VPI introduces new all-in-one turntable with headphone amp

VPI has announced the Player, an affordable high-end turntable that doesn't require speakers.

Though it can be hooked up to a standard hi-fi system, the Player also has room for a 3.5mm headphone jack, along with a built-in phono stage, headphone amp and volume control.

The VPI Player will cost £1500 when it goes on sale.

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JBL Boombox is the company's largest wireless speaker

JBL's latest wireless speaker is the company's largest effort yet.

At 50cm long and weighing around 5kg, it's waterproof and JBL claims it can last up to 24 hours on one charge.

There's no official launch date, but we should see more of this giant speaker at IFA in September.

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tvOS code hints at HDR support in new Apple TV

Apple has released beta updates for iOS, macOS and tvOS suggesting that a new Apple TV is on the way – and that it will support HDR.

This leak comes from a developer who spotted 4K and HDR assets within the code for the Apple TV J105A model.

There's still no official announcement, but more could be revealed at Apple's product event in September.

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"It has a powerful and energetic sound, with enough in the way of insight, subtlety and refinement to keep us happy"

Roksan Blak integrated amplifier

Roksan's Blak integrated amplifier is a fully featured all-rounder that works across a wide range of systems and all types of musical genres.

The sound is powerful and energetic, but also subtle and refined. Apart from a few operational oddities, it's an excellent stereo amp.

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"We said this would be a similar storyline as with our Silver 200 review, and it is"

Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12

We liked Monitor Audio's Silver 200 speakers, now we get a chance to see them again in the Silver 200 speaker package.

And our opinion hasn't changed. The 5.1 speaker package proves to be just as talented, with a clear, balanced sound that's expressive and fun.

If this is what we can expect from the next generation of Silver speakers, we're looking forward to hearing them.

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