A round-up of stories to have featured in What Hi-Fi? this week, including news of a glitch with Apple's Lightning headphones as well as reviews of Mission and Shure products

This week users uncovered a glitch with Apple's new Lighting headphones, vinyl is suffering a downturn in sales, whilst 4K TV is becoming ever more popular.

For reviews we have Mission's budget LX-2 speakers, Marantz's CD6006 CD player and Shure's high-end KSE1500 in-ear headphones.

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Apple's Lightning EarPods have a volume control glitch

Users have spotted a recurring glitch with Apple's Lightning EarPods on the iPhone 7. The volume control dongle stops working, affecting calls, volume and the use of Siri.

In order to (temporarily) fix it, the headphones need to be unplugged and put back in. A more long-term solution has been promised in a future update.

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Vinyl record sales fall in 2016

After a few years of rising sales, vinyl has encountered a bump in the road. Sales decreased by 9 per cent this year, according the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), resulting in sales of 8.4m records.

Is it just a blip or have sales of vinyl reached a plateau? Time will tell.

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4K TVs being adopted quicker than HD TV

It appears there's a big appetite for 4K TV, with forecasts predicting that sales in the US alone will reach 20m next year.

So far 700,000 4K Blu-ray players have been sold, with the amount of 4K discs not too far behind, as more content is released in the format.

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"A price-hike is risky, but in the case of the CD6006 it’s a punt that has paid off handsomely"

Marantz CD6006

After receiving plaudits for its PM6006, it's the turn of Marantz's CD6006.

The price has gone up, and though little has fundamentally changed, a series of small upgrades all add up to make a superior and confident CD player; surefooted in its sound, with good timing and a solid and reassuring build. Another superb effort.

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"At the revised price of £160 they’re an even bigger bargain and deliver a huge slice of fun that few rivals can get close to"

Mission LX-2

Q Acoustics 3020 ruled the budget speaker roost, but it may have to abdicate its throne in light of Mission's LX-2. They communicate music in a fashion that gets right to the heart of the track, with no small amount of skill and enthusiasm.

Selling for less than expected, they're an an absolute bargain. Mission very much accomplished.

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"Calling these the best in-ears we’ve heard is selling them short."

Shure KSE1500

Shure's KSE1500 in-ears cost £2500 and are one of the finest headphones you can buy. They boast exceptional insight and balance, with a sound that's clean and clear. You'll need to use high-end hi-fi sources to get the best out of them (Spotify, not so much), but if you have the resources, you'll get a superlative performance.

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