You'd never guess it, but winter's officially over this weekend, as the clocks go forward at 01:00 GMT on Sunday morning, and the longer, lighter evenings begin.

Time to get the sundial out? Not quite - the weather forecast for the first day of British Summer Time is rain and wind, of course!

A great reason to stay indoors, surf, and look forward to the new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, due on sale next week.

Highlights include the best of the current crop of Blu-ray players, an in-depth look at all the new TVs on their way, bargain micro and mini systems and the pick of the top MP3 players - more on that nearer the time.

Oh, and we've got a great new competition coming up next week - watch this space!

Meanwhile on line, we've...

Over in the Forums we now have almost 12,000 registered users, over 37,000 threads and almost 56,000 posts to keep you talking, and at one point this week we had over 1200 people on the site at once! 

This week we've been revisiting all those old plasma myths, pondering power switches, and wondering when Panasonic will update its website.

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