OK, you can relax now, the Awards issue is in the shops, so you can finally discover which products we've picked as our stars of 2007. We know from the chat on the forums that some of you were getting impatient, but we're sure you'll agree it was worth the wait. There's a bumper crop of Award winners this year to feast your eyes (and ears) on.

However, now that the Awards judging is over, don't think for one minute we're putting our feet up. Oh no. The new issue of the Ultimate Guide to Digital TV is out on October 25th, and the December issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision will include a free 32-page TV supplement when it goes on sale from November 15th.

And before that we'll be packing our van and heading for the Novotel London West for the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show (Nov 2-4). There's still a chance to win some free tickets, so if you haven't done so, give it a go now.

Meanwhile, back at the online ranch, we've...

  • Explained how to choose the right size of TV for your room, and how to make the most of your CD player
  • Teamed up with The Sun and our sister mag Stuff to find the UK's No1 Gadget Geek
  • Revealed details of Sharp's first Blu-ray player, priced at a very competitive £399
  • Posted details of a new budget AV receiver from Cambridge Audio, and a rather more upmarket one from Marantz
  • Brought you the lowdown on Panasonic's new projector range
  • Over in the forums, you've posted more than 10,000 threads, debated the merits of Panasonic's new LCD and plasma TVs and grappled with the ins and outs of biamping and biwiring.

Why not join in? Click here to start talking hi-fi and home cinema with fellow enthusiasts!

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