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The Best of the Week - 01/08/08


It wasn't meant as the first of a series, but rather took its title from the familiar officer's order 'Carry on, sergeant'. But over the intervening half a decade the series has taken us Camping, Up the Jungle, Up the Khyber and at our convenience, not to mention taking in historical figures such as Dick Turpin, Cleopatra, The Scarlet Pimpernel and – tragically – Columbus

It's also a century since the introduction of the state pension, which was five bob when launched, and if you're reading this in Canada, China, Greenland, Mongolia or Russia, we hope you enjoyed today's total solar eclipse.

Meanwhile here on, we've:

- Brought you our exclusive online review of Sony's superb new BDP-S350 Blu-ray Disc player
- Told you about Pro-ject's new transparent 6 PerspeX turntable
- Launched our latest Ultimate Guide, this one covering High End Entertainment
- And opened voting for our 2008 Readers' Award

Over in the Forums we now have almost 16,500 members, nearly 67,000 threads and over 105,000 posts. This week we have mainly been discussing big movies you don't want to see, James Bond and speaker cable lengths.

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