BBC iPlayer
Ex-pats and other global fans of BBC programmes will be able to view iPlayer in 2011, although they may have to pay for the privilege

The BBC iPlayer has been a phenomenal success here in the UK, but to date has not been available to viewers elsewhere in the world.

Today the Corporation has confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that iPlayer will be rolled out internationally from 2011.

The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead for the move, which will bring joy to many ex-pats who have bemoaned their lack of access to the iPlayer's catch-up TV service.

"Our research has shown there is an international audience of British TV fans who frequently watch TV online – and we are excited about rolling out our iPlayer VoD [video on demand] service to meet and grow this demand," says Luke Bradley-Jones, MD of Global iPlayer.

Many popular BBC TV shows, such as Top Gear and Doctor Who, have a large following outside the UK.

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John Smith, chief executive of BBC Worldwide, says he has still to decide whether to fund the international service through advertising or as a pay-per-view service with fees up to $10 per show. A subscription model might also be considered.

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