BBC Radio 3 trials surround streaming – and you can try it too

On Saturday 14th March 2015, BBC Radio 3 and BBC R&D will be conducting an experiment. The aim: to present a live 4.0 surround sound broadcast.

The subject of the broadcast will be a special episode of BBC Radio 3’s flagship Hear and Now programme. From 10.30pm to midnight, Robert Worby will be presenting a performance by Spanish electronic composer and sound artist Francisco Lopez.

He will perform at the Café Oto in Hackney, where audience members will be blindfolded and seated around him in concentric circles. Two forty-minutes pieces will be played from speakers in the four corners of the room.

Want to join in? You can listen at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

- An HTML5 compatible browser, such as the latest version of Chrome on Windows or Mac, or IE11 under Windows 8.1

- A means to replay surround sound. For example, a multi-channel sound card connected to the computer by USB. Or an HDMI connection from your computer to an AV receiver.

- Surround speakers

Once you’re all set, you’ll find the performance here. For extra help, the BBC provides its own Q&A.

Have fun, and let us know how you get on.