Owners of Alexa- and Google Assistant-controlled speakers can interact with the radio drama’s characters using their own voice

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books or delves into a Blu-ray’s extras in the hope of seeing an alternative ending, and you own a smart speaker powered by Amazon or Google's virtual assistants, you might be interested in an upcoming BBC project.

The BBC’s R&D team and audio company Rosina Sound have collaborated to make an interactive comedy/sci-fi drama that will enable listeners to play an active part in the story using their own voice.

The concept for the pilot – titled 'The Inspection Chamber' – was inspired by computer games such as The Stanley Parable and Papa Sangre, as well as authors like Franz Kafka and Douglas Adams, and looks to be the first of its kind to offer interaction via these popular voice-assistant platforms.

It will be available on the BBC’s Taster platform “before the end of the year” on compatible speakers, such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sony SF-S50G and Harmon Kardon Allure.

The category of smart speakers has exploded over recent months - as their dominating presence at IFA 2017 well and truly proved - so the BBC has built a "story engine" that allows it to release the same story across various voice platforms. Theoretically, this could mean early adopters of Apple’s HomePod or Microsoft Cortana-enabled speakers also have a chance to get in on the action, just in time for the drama's release!

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