The Active version of the company’s Award-winning SCM19 uses a driver/amp pairing in a slender floorstander.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of ATC’s passive SCM19 standmount speakers - so much so that we voted them Best standmounter £1200+ in our 2015 Awards. Praise indeed.

Now the range is being expanded with the SCM19 active tower, housed within a metre-high and 37cm-wide cabinet. Said to be “acoustically identical” to the passive, two-way model, the floorstander has a 19 litre volume inside the slim tower.

It’s fitted with the firm’s SH25-76 soft-dome tweeter and a 15cm super-linear mid/bass driver. The drive units are individually powered by an upgraded biamp pack, using ATC’s discrete MOSFET Class A/B modules, delivering a claimed 32W of continuous power to the high-frequency section and 150W to the bass.

ATC says the amps have been revised to reduce noise and distortion, while achieving a lower operating temperature for improved reliability.

The braced, sealed and curved multi-layer laminated cabinet is finished in cherry or black ash real-wood veneer.

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The ATC SCM19AT will be available this month for £4990 a pair.

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nopiano's picture

Great idea

With such a great pedigree these should be superb. Just a bit surprised that they are three grand more than the passives, so will be interested in a comparative review with a £3000 power amp. 

Jota180's picture



Seems a bit of steep price hike but I suppose you get 4 power amps, 2 active x-overs and much more cabinet for your money.

lpv's picture


I found ATC pricing across whole range ( PRO & HIFI) the most logical of all audio brands that I know... every increase in money spend brings better sound.. their line of hifi electronics is clear and logical:

1 integrated

1 power amp

1 preamp

1 ' all in one'

1 cd/ preamp

there's also 1 missing... preamp/ dac .. ATC, are you listening?

I'm sure these new speakers will be great just like SCM 19's are.. it's like having two 180 watt monoblocks + one of the best standmounter that doesn't need stand now.