Aston Martin teams up with Bowers & Wilkins for its flagship DB12 super GT

Bowers & Wilkins sound system inside Aston Martin DB12
(Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

Aston Martin has a new audio partner. The iconic automobile manufacturer has teamed up with another iconic brand in the world of audio, Bowers & Wilkins, to design the sound system for its brand-new, flagship super GT, the DB12.

The system comprises 15 speakers, two amplifiers, and boasts a combined power output of 1170W. It's an option, with pricing TBC.

As you'd expect, Bowers & Wilkins has used a number of its speaker technologies to help enhance the audio of this new setup, including its double dome tweeter and Continuum midrange drivers.

The system also uses the company's tweeter-on-top technology which sees three tweeters mounted on the dashboard. Separating them from the main cabinets helps reduce colouration and reflections from the windscreen, which can affect sound quality.

You'll also find dedicated 3D speakers in the headlining, with a powerful subwoofer also on hand to help immerse the listener in the audio.

Dan Shepherd, Vice President of Licensing and Partnerships at Bowers & Wilkins, said, “The alignment of Bowers & Wilkins with Aston Martin is an entirely natural one, with both celebrating their British heritage while being renowned for innovation and creating thrilling experiences. As well as car-audio integration, this exciting new partnership will also lead to elevated brand co-operations in the future."

So, Bowers & Wilkins sound systems will also feature in future Aston Martin models but could we see an Aston Martin-themed Zeppelin or pair of Px7 S2 headphones? Who knows, but what I do know is it's an interesting time to be a car audio fan...


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