Our Verdict 
Great for the money – they’ll put the wind right up the the established class-leaders
A fast, dynamic sound
tracks rhythms superbly
fine integration between the drive units
They look a bit weird
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If your first thought was ‘MonoPulse who?', you're not alone. This was the first time we'd come across this manufacturer, and we're glad we did. Don't worry if the blue cloth/silver metal look of our pair isn't to your taste, because the company is flexible when it comes to colours.

Build is fine, but these speakers lack some cosmetic polish compared to industry majors.

But that's where the negatives end. MonoPulse puts a great deal of emphasis on getting the phase accuracy between the 17cm mid/bass and 25mm fabric dome tweeter spot-on, and it's succeeded, with the result that 32As latch on to the leading edge of every note with breathtaking confidence.

Superb timingThey time superbly, and can deliver a complex rhythm track such as Gorillaz's Dirty Harry in as surefooted a manner as any speakers at this price. Detail is impressive and dynamics vivid, though the treble could be sweeter.

Carefully matched, the 32As give the class champions plenty to think about.