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Best traditional package £1500-£2500, Awards 2011. The Silver RX6 AV12 is a real crowd pleaser, born to entertain with movies and music
Excellent build and finish
superb speaker integration
detailed, dynamic sound with plenty of clout
quality subwoofer
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Monitor Audio's Silver RX range has already left its mark thanks to the superb RX6 floorstanders. Now we're using the same speakers as the basis for a brand new Silver RX speaker package.

This means a first outing for new models from the range, including the RX-C centre (£300). The exquisitely finished cabinet features Monitor Audio's trademark C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) mid-bass and bass driver either side of a gold dome tweeter.

The new RXW-12 subwoofer handles bass frequencies and boasts a 12in driver, 500W of amplification and top-mounted controls. But the key components of this system have to be the RX-FX surround speakers (£400).

They may look odd to some, but this design serves an important purpose. You can set them up in bi-pole or di-pole configuration, depending on positioning.

If they're going behind your seating position, it's best to use the bi-pole setting so they're encouraged to fill the space behind you. Flick the switch to di-pole if they're to either side of your sofa. A system with great synergyWherever they're placed, the RX-FXs do a great job of dispersing effects and keeping the surround field as engaging as possible.

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Indeed, the whole system works really well. The centre allows for expressive, crystal clear dialogue, and blends in effortlessly with the front RX6 speakers. The RXW-12 subwoofer adds greater bass weight and depth but remains taut and agile.

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In the opening scenes of The Incredible Hulk, the set-up sounds dynamic, dramatic and exciting with no trace of hardness or brightness.

During calmer moments, it does a great job setting the mood, picking out fine detail and maintaining the dynamics of the rain, lashing down in the background.

Monitor Audio has a winner on its hands. The RX6 AV12 is a fantastic all-rounder and serious contender for class-leading status.

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