Our Verdict 
This is an excellent, versatile, big-sounding system
Fine build and style
plenty of power and punch
detailed, refined sound
Big system
lacks a little involvement
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This package is based around the fine-sounding Bronze BR speakers, and the build quality on display is top-notch: while it's on the larger side, this isn't a set-up you'll want to hide away.

The BR2 front speakers combine here with the BFX rears, which give the option of either bipole or dipole array functionality, thanks to a switch on the back of each unit. The advantage of this should be a complete, seamless surround sound, the increased drivers helping to bridge the gaps between satellites.

Happily, this proves to be the case, our large room being adequately filled. However, this doesn't necessarily translate into cohesion, and while clearly adept at spreading the sound, the front and back speakers don't blend quite as they should.

Brawns, brain and moreWhat this Monitor Audio package certainly does have over its rivals is power and muscle. The hefty sub and not unassuming centre channel ensure there's plenty of beef in the bottom end, and also when it comes to dialogue – it's just a pleasingly solid sound. But there's no shortage of detail either, and far from being all brawn and no brains, this Bronze package has a refinement that lends itself well to more delicate scenes – and indeed music.

It's fair to say there's nothing missing here: for a surround sound package, this does everything we require. But in an ideal world we'd want a slightly higher level of excitement and involvement, plus an extra ounce of dynamism. Those attributes would really make it stand out from the crowd - as it is, this system is just very, very good.