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Logitech Harmony 895 review

£230 is a lot of money for a handset, but if it means you can control your kit from anywhere maybe it's worth it... Tested at £229.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Powerful and impressive handset that covers all angles.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • highly effective
  • useful RF operation means you can control kit in other rooms, or in cabinets


  • A tad expensive

The 895 gives you a lot of capability for the money. It can not only control up to 15 devices, it can also operate equipment with no need for infra-red 'line-of-sight', meaning you can control kit in the next room, or inside a cabinet, or even upstairs. The 895's key trick is its RF extender, complete with wired infra-red emitters. This sits next to your kit rack and receives RF code from the remote handset, then converts the data into infra-red data your kit can understand. Is that worth £230? Let's put it this way: with an 895 in your life, you can get an invisible system and one-touch control at a relatively affordable price. Up to you...