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Ixos XHD 508 review

Rigid cable design that feels durable but It doesn't handle soundtracks well Tested at £50.00

Our Verdict

Another 'rigid' cable design, this Ixos doesn't handle confusion well and we're not inspired.


  • Solid build, 'rigid' design, okay detail


  • Can't handle confusion, loss of control

This is another rigid cable, the body of which feels powerful and durable.

On the inside, IXOS claims to be using ‘medical grade fibre-optic cable', which sounds like the sort of substance you can trust to handle your audio.

Still, for all that promise, we're less than inspired. The Sweeney Todd soundtrack seems confused when all hell breaks loose, lacking differentiation between sounds.

The detail is okay, but the loss of control can't be ignored for this outlay