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For the money, the Perform is an able, affable performer
plausible sound
fully functional remote control
Lively treble
is a motorized dock really necessary?
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“Ridiculous.” That's what one member of our review team called the Intempo Perform's party trick.

While most iPod speaker docks leave the iPod perched in full view, the Perform instead lowers the device into its belly via a motorized dock, tucking it away behind a clear plastic window.

It's essentially completely unecessary, but this showbiz element is harmless enough and may appeal to some.

An item of substanceAway from the fancy frills, an FM radio, auxiliary input, alarm clock, and in situ iPod charging mean that you're getting quite a lot for your money.

The Perform comes with a credit card-sized remote that has its own little resting place on top of the unit. It's fully functional, so you can navigate through iPod menus and cycle through playlists with very little fuss, and that's key.

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With all the pomp and ceremony of the motorised dock, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this could be a case of all show and no go.

Reasonable  for the priceBut, the Perform kicks out an enjoyable enough sound. The treble is a little excitable, but it stops short of coming at you in a hard or aggressive manner.

For a product of this type and price, one can't be too critical. Usher's Monster sounds rhythmic and resolution isn't too bad.

There's no doubt that we've heard worse at this pricepoint, and if you want an affordable iPod dock with a quirky side, the Perform is a good option that has more than just price on its side.

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