Our Verdict 
A practical and innovative approach to the micro system that's still without equal at this price
Brilliantly flexible and discreet design
excellent display
great feature-list
impressively accomplished sound
A little compressed-sounding next to the best, more boxy, rivals
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This Hitachi has been available from Currys for while now, and yet still nothing is close to equalling its genius design. The largest of the five units houses an amp and subwoofer and can be tucked out of the way. You then have two ultra-slim NXT speakers and an equally thin main unit. Finally there's a separate display unit that can be placed just about anywhere. Everything is very easy to connect together, and the wires are long enough to offer real flexibility over positioning.

Pop a copy of Hot Chip's Made in the Dark into the slot-loading CD drive and the sound produced is accomplished for such a slimline system. There is a little compression compared to more traditional rivals, but the balanced, rhythmic and detailed delivery is at least as good as that from the Sony. It's more solidly built, too.

Add an accomplished performance, and SD card and USB inputs, and you have the equal-best feature list here. Combine that with the style, price, flexibility and performance of the Hitachi, and you've got a winner.