Our Verdict 
If you’re looking for a new storage rack for your kit, this budget offering looks and sounds great for the money
Smart looks, solid build
flexible dimensions
tightens bass and improves detail
Not a huge improvement in sound quality – but enough for £150
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This is one of the cheapest hi-fi racks we've ever had in our testing rooms. So we lowered our expectations accordingly, gave it the once over – and were impressed.

The Futureglass Lite Hi-Fi is available in clear, frosted or coloured glass, and is built from 6mm toughened, polished glass shelves. Each shelf is 60cm wide and 40cm deep, though Futureglass is happy to cutomise a rack to your needs, also offering shelf space from 10 to 25cm.

The four columns are available in silver or black and are kept isolated from each other through vibration-deadening components that should also ensure there's no room for movement in the shelves.

All these promises hold up under scrutiny, too. The stand feels solid and secure, with smooth edges to the glass and snugly fitted feet.

So, how does it make equipment sound? Well, don't expect miracles, but using a £300 micro system as our main unit, there was a noticeable sonic difference compared to a standard table. Improved punch and bass came from a tightening of bottom end frequencies, while the rack also helped to clean-up raw guitar chords, revealing more detail and removing harshness.

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For £150, this is money well spent if you're looking to upgrade your budget system, at the same time as getting a natty piece of storage equipment