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Jims Toys

Okay so this is what I've got to play with, not that I ever get the chance with 2 small kids, but there you go...  Mostly pretty solid mid-range stuff with some a bit better and some a bit tattier.  Overall I suspect it makes me a pretty lucky bunny to be quite frank, but it still leaves plenty of room for aspiration (read avarice:-)

Sondek + Syrinx/Incognito rewire + Ortofon MC10FL (or is a 15FL?)
Marantz KI63Sig through VDH The First cable
Audiolab 8000A
Mission 753 (not Freedoms sadly) via lots of VDH Teatrack bi-wire (ebay sourced precurser to bi-amping)

in the other half of the room and connected by cheap and nasty cable:

Panasonic Viera 37" plasma
Marantz 4300 DVD, QED Qunex component cable
Humax 9200pvr, cheapo scart lead
Yamaha DSP A5
Kef 2005.2 speakers via bog standard QED cable

The whole point of telling you all of the above really is to also tell you the following:

The computer has a perfectly fine 19" widescreen monitor and a creative labs audigy soundcard connected to a a pair of Tannoy mR speakers, a Denon SC H1c center and two Ariston MXs3 monitors, all cast offs, via a Yamaha DSP A1.  No sub.

Can you spot what's wrong with the above picture?
Can you guess why????