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Squeezebox Review

Why have What HiFi not had a proper review of the Squeezebox. The staff seem to underate it without an extensive test being done.

 I find it to be a fantastic piece of kit that has never missed a beat. Sounds marvelous with FLAC.

Super test of WiFi music streamers maybe ?

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Re: Squeezebox Review

Or how about some "USB" DAC's.

Stello DA100 USB DAC

Perreaux SXD2 USB DAC

Russ Andrews USB DAC 1

Etc etc....... 





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Re: Squeezebox Review

Got 2 SB3's.  Fantastic and could not live without them now.

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Re: Squeezebox Review

Come on what hifi what have you got against Squeezebox? Lets have a real review of it. Had mine a few months now and its stunning using Apple lossless. Have upgraded the power supply, use good interconnects and it will give a lot of pricy cd players a run for their money. I have 146GB of music stored, add the sheer convenience of using it, and it's the best thing since the CD.

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