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RE: Week old 50GT50 Buzzing..!

Indeed! Hence I am hoping a replacement has less buzz as the deeper blacks really enhance the home movie experience......!

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RE: Week old 50GT50 Buzzing..!

I also checked the John Lewis website and most people are extremely happy with their set. Only 1 person mentioned any issue with motion so we must have both been unlucky.

John Lewis have really been excellent and I got a follow up call yesterday to say the replacement is being processed and there's lots of stock so not to worry.

Just found out someone I work with has bought the GT50 and been enjoying superb movies over Christmas... all a bit frustrating but I'm determined to get a good one. At the price it's a steal and will keep me going until 4k becomes the norm and there's more content to make it worth the upgrade.

Hope others keep enjoying their GT50s & they remain problem free  Smile

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RE: Week old 50GT50 Buzzing..!

My 200 hours of run in time are almost up!!! Feels like years, as its my second set. Once the 200 hours are up, is it then okay to calibrate the set..? During to watch it!!!! 


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