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Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin or Altec Lansing IMT800

Hi all ive been looking for an ipod dock now for my bedroom for a few weeks and have got it down between these two will be mainly used in my bedroom and was wandering which would you most recommend



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RE: Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin or Altec Lansing IMT800

I cant comment on the two you mention but can highly recommend The Harmon Kardon GoPlay Micro.It sounds great and ive used it outdoors aswell,i think you might find it for under 200 pound in the uk.

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RE: Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin or Altec Lansing IMT800

I couldnt comment on the altec lansing product, however i highly rate the B&W zeppelins, they are concidered by many to be the best ipod dock on the market, I would agree.

If i were to compare Bowers & Wilkins and Altec Lansing in terms of companies and there product quality then B&W win hands down, there product are not only the best sounding but a[edrlso made from the highest quality materials. 

I own the zeppelins and the p5 headphones and i love them both.

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RE: Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin or Altec Lansing IMT800

This is a close competition as far as quality goes, both Altec Lansing and Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers have been used in Abbey Road Studio’s. I would say Altec Lansing have a lot more audio knowledge as they have been making loudspeakers for 75 years almost twice as long as B&W.

My household consists of Altec Lansing, JBL, Bose, B&W, Pioneer and Castle loudspeakers. All of them sound extremely good apart from the Pioneer system which is a bit outmatched. I have listened  to both the B&W Zeppelin and the Altec Lansing Mix Boombox (IMT800) and I must say The Zeppelin is definetly not what it is cracked up to be. As far s the sound goes I agree with the man who I spoke to at Richer Sounds the Zeppelin looks good and sounds great until you get to the bass end, the rich clean high and midrange frequencys are ruined by the overblown bass, this may be because the radiator driver/subwoofer is too close to the main speaker drivers so the sound is unable to move around as it should do. The Altec Lansing mix however sounds great across the scale. Great lows, mids and highs with no muffled or distorted sound. Really suprised at its pricemark considering its sound performance. Sorry B&W but Altec Lansing definetly win this one.


Unlike some other users on this forum I shall not judge a comparison of two sound products until I have listened to both of the units with my own ears.


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