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RE: Home network??

JustinHancock wrote:

Having done this myself, there's some great answers on here.   I went for a reel of cable (Cat 5e) which is plenty good enough for a 1Gbps network, and much cheaper too.  Cat 6 is only really necesary in a server room if you need to go over 1Gbps.  

I would avoid the cable reel as hand crimping (adding the plugs to the ends of the cable) is a royal pain, very fiddly and time consuming, you also need a good crimper, plugs, a tester and two people to make the job quicker.   Cable Monkey are a good option for pre made up cables, concur with the advice on having two connections in every room - redundancy if nothing else.  

If you need more connections in a room consider buying a cheap hub with 5 ports, its like an extension block and will have very negligible impact on performance, milliseconds of latency (this is considerably than the best wifi connection).  

I added a complete co-ax distribution as well, made sense as you can have Sky/Virgin/Freeview in every room.   For your switch go for netgear these are really solid, you may need someone to help with you defining IP addresses and so on, its not difficult.

Thanks for the reply, good tips about buying already pre made cables and not getting cat 6. Was wondering how do you distribute the signal over co-axial? On my tivo box the outputs seem to be hdmi and scart? Do you use some form of splitter from the virgin/sky box then simply a cable to each room. Also can you use them magic eye things to change the channel over the same co axial or do you need an additional cable?



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