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HDMI Home Cinema to VGA Projector

Dear all,

I am thinking of purchasing a home cinema like the Sony BDV-E780 to go with my old video projector Panasonic PT-LB10VE. The problem is that my projector only has two input slots (a VGA input for PC and red/white/yellow slots).

 Do you know if, using an HDMI to VGA converter, for instance KN-HDMICON26, I could connect my projector to the home cinema and have both surround sound and an image quality at least as good as the one I currently obtain using a laptop?

 I should stress that I want to project old DVD-style films, not the latest BLU-RAY.

In advance, I thank you for your replies. 

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RE: HDMI Home Cinema to VGA Projector

Yeah, I don't see why this won't work. If the converter is decent I would have thought you'll get pictures at least as good as from your laptop.

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