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Yaqin cd-2 tube buffer

Hi again,

It has been suggested that my proacs like a bit of tube warmth so I did some investigating..............

The result, either a tube pre or a tube buffer. It was suggested here that I might change the cd player to a Musical Fidelity?, originally £1600 but half price at the moment. This cd player has a tube buffer built in. I thought this was too expensive so...............

I bought a Yaqin tube buffer off ebay for £36. A good price. Plus postage, plus power converter = £50.

Then I needed a power cord (will get clearer audio for £50), matching interconnects (Atlas Voyager off fleabay for £105) and, the stock tubes are reportably naff so new tubes £12.

Total spend = £217 (I thought it was gonna be a cheap addition to play with Sad

I have received the tube buffer and have it plugged in to burn it in with the stock tubes. This has increased the bass performance of the system and further opened up the soundstage. But the sound is brittle (Susan Vega and Frou Frou). Guitars have more substance but voices appear fractured, a little like going back to an arcam CD73. I am hoping after the introduction of the Mullard 8100 and the matching Atlas Voyager interconnects that the sound quality will be  better but i want to put at least 50 hours on the buffer before I do this.

Any hints and tips for this setup would be appreciated. I will report back on my progress. 

Many thanks,