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TEAC CR-H258i Transformer Hum

I bought a TEAC CR-H258i from Richer Sounds - £149.95 including the ipod dock which I thought was great value. It was easy enough to set up and all the functions worked fine though reading a 16gb memory took ages - about 5 mins - and the remote could have been better. The problem that I had was that there is a transformer hum when the unit is on - admittedly, it can't be heard most of the time as it is drowned by music, speech, etc., but, in quiet passages it is quite noticeable. I took it back and had to make an 80 mile round trip to another branch to get another and, annoyingly, the replacement is exactly the same - is this to be expected? I bought the unit to replace an older model - the CR-L600 - which I still have and there is absolutely no noise from this unit. Am I right to be unhappy - should I take the new unit back yet again? 

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RE: TEAC CR-H258i Transformer Hum

I would try it on a different ring circuit first to rule out it’s not the mains (move it upstairs or downstairs depending where it’s sited).

I had the same problem with an amp I had and tried it on all three circuits in the house to rule this out. Think you’d be pretty unlucky to get two duff ones on the trot, though.

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RE: TEAC CR-H258i Transformer Hum

Same with my Denon dcd720ae cd player,hums when switched on and heard in quiet room .Brought  it to the dealer, they had lower class dcd520ae.Same humming and now i'm still doubting it should be this way. With such a problem is very hard to prove it faulty or not. Still searching :wall:


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