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PC or CDT ?



First post here so maybe best if I let people know what I use...as I have a right royal dilema!


Front End  - Being Decided

Musical Fidelity Tri Vista - Separate Power supply

B & W  803 speakers

Good interconnects and Speaker Cables.


The thing is I did have the MF Nu-Vista CD player which was brilliant but, I sold it and am now looking at a DAC + CDT

I`ve really decided on the Eximus DP1 but, I get confused about whether, from a sonic POV a CDT is going to prove better than a PC option such as a mac mini.

I`ve probably got this wrong but surely ripping a cd to Itunes via a pretty basic PC based cd drive and replaying it via PC to the DAC  cannot offer an improvement over a direct good quality CDT to DAC process...can it?

I`m not that bothererd about easy acess for my own listening pleasure and can grasp the concept that a direct WAV download from Itunes may have some sonic advantages...but I really enjoy `reallity` in music, positioning, depth, space, timbre and all that stuff they used to speak of years ago...


So can anyone give me advise please, I am considering the MF M1 CDT & maybe the Stello 100 CDT but can find little info on how they would perform with the `supposedly` brilliant Eximus.


Many thanks...