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naim and dali

Hi guys how do you think the naim nait5 amp and cd5i would sound connected to dali ikon 6 speakers . What other electronics should i be looking at i have auditioned roksan kandy equipment and carat equipment but living in n ireland my choice is limited. I have to admit i liked the carat combo but cant find much about it. I really like the dali speakers and want to use them in my new system and would appricate any surgestions offered my overall budget is around 2000 pounds although this could be streched a bit

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Re: naim and dali

Should work very well, but if you like the Carats, why not go for them? The company seems well-established and the products look good in a kind of Primarealike way, so don't let the lack of UK reviews put you off. Buy with your ears, as we always say... 

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Re: naim and dali

thank for your opinion Andrew I am going to arrange an other audition for saturday with the view to buying i can even afford the entry level project turntable in my budget if i go with carat combo

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