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RE: Marantz M-CR510

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Too new, so you might not get many (any) answers with 1st hand experience, but going by the M-CR603, it would be a step down in terms of sound quality.

No it won't, Marantz website states it has exactly the same amp as the new M-CR610, the same 60w. It's just a pure digital stripped down 610 i.e. no CD player, no FM.


ID mean step down from current PM6004 and Arcam rDac.instead from the 610.

But we did not know because both not yet available right ?


That's right. Because it is a step down in sound quality from the 6004 to the 603, I'm assuming that it will also be a step down in qualify going from the 6004 to the 610 or 510.

If you agree that the 610 is no step down from the older 603, then the new 510 is equally good as it has precisely the same amplification as the 610, the new models are on the Marantz website, if you'd care to look.

??? Is this directed at me? I'm not saying that there is a step down from the PM600 + rDAC to the 610 and then another step down in sound quality to the 510. I'm assuming that the 610 and 510 perform the same, and really just making an educated guess as to whether either/both of them would surpass the PM6004 paired with an rDAC. I'm more than happy for someone who has heard the latest iterations to correct my assumptions.


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