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Interconnect Upgrade

Hi there,

Following on from an earlier post of mine I currently have a Yamaha DSP A5 AV Amplifier and a Phillips CD624 CD Player. I am looking to upgrade my stereo music side of the setup with the addition of a second hand integrated amplifier (probably audiolab 8000a) and a new CD player not decided yet.

Initial plans are to add the stereo applilfier first utilising the old philips player and then upgrade the player in due course when I decide on what I want.

My question is - Will I see much improvement between the Yamaha amplifier and phillips CD player by upgrading the interconnects (I am currently using a 17 year old home made set of interconnects, using satellite cable and gold phono plugs, someone suggested 17 years ago this would produce a better sound than the standard interconnects) or should I just wait until I have upgraded to the Amplifier and new CD player?

Would I see much improvement from the Phillips CD player, through the Audiolab amp with different interconnects?



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Re: Interconnect Upgrade

Well, your existing interconnects are a bit of an unknown quantity, though I'd suspect some oxidisation will have occurred in the meantime and caused some deterioration.

Yes I think the change to a stereo amp will bring the biggest gain, followed by a CD player upgrade. Cable changes can come later - you might want to start with something reasonable but affordable, such as Chord Company Crimson. Or get out the soldering iron and make some new cables, maybe? 

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