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Denon D-M39

Hi Guys,

I have been reading a few reviews online and I am pretty keen on adding the Denon to the xmas gift list!  I was just wondering a few things so if anyone can help me out then I'd appreciate it a lot.

The main thing is the USB connectiviy - with the way things are going I find it much easier now just to stick a load of tunes onto a flash drive, I have one in my car and it's ideal.  With the Denon how does the USB playback from a drive work?  Are you able to navigate through folders - ie. Artist>Album etc, or will it just play the songs one by one?  This is quite a biggie as the latter is far from ideal!  Was just going to copy them over from iTunes so it wil have all the artist/album info stored, and they are all mp3s! Does it still sound good playing via a flash drive?

Secondly, are the standard speakers good enough? I don't intend on using it for full on surround sound, at least initially, so I'm not after something top of the line. But if I can spend a little extra for a speaker set that will really make a difference then I would certainly look into it.

Any advice would be most appreciated - are there any alternatives that I should be looking at? Or anywhere that has a deal on at the mo?

Thanks all.