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B&W 685's, To Bright Sounding.

Hi. I have had my B&W 685s for about 10days now, Been listening to them everyday since i bought them, But they are sounded bright in the midrange and vocals at mid/high volumes, I know B&W are on the slight bright sound . I have been told to ride it out and really after about 1month of use they sound diffrent and mellow out. What are your thoughts?. I listen to all my music thought my PC, Either MP3 or lossless files, I have a pretty good soundcard and running Phono from the amp to Phono to the soundcard They are on stands if that makes any diffrance?. I have played with the equalizer on Winamp to soften the vocal and midrange and it has worked, But i dont wanna make anything sound to false. I have also been told to try using some curtains to help take the harshness away as per the B&W handbook aswell. KIT LIST >> Teac AH-300 (Reference 300) 35 WPC QED Silver Anni Cable Audiophile 2496 (soundcard) IXOS XHA215 (Phono Lead) Hope you can help?.