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RE: Black Ravioli

Andrew Everard wrote:

I'm pasta caring.


ROFLROFL     :clap:

Apple lossless - Netgear Nighthawk - ATV3 - AVI ADM 40.  

AVI ADM 9T used in my wife's system

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RE: Black Ravioli

As you do not explain what your point is, I am left guessing.

What is true is that my AVR does an amazing job with blu ray soundtracks. But on 2 channel audio it is way behind my hi-fi system. I have never really understood this disparity, I must say.  My AVR cost about three times than the marantz that the other guy is using, and it was bought partially on the basis that all reviews praised its musicality.

So, yes, I am really, really sure about it.

If, on the other hand, you are suggesting that bad recordings will just sound bad no matter what they are played though, then I would also agree.


the record spot wrote:

krlock3 wrote:

You have all that nice equipment and you cannot see the difference between an AV amp and dedicated stereo amp?

I have a decent AV amp (Sony STR 5400ES) bought for its apparent musicality. Now, I absolutely hate when people on internet forums use the term "night and day difference", but to my mind the differnence is absolutely night and day.


100% of the time?  Are you sure about that?  Really, really sure?

'cos, I think you might be wrong there....


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