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Sennheiser RS 170 ear pads replacement.

Hi All.

Im new here.

looking for help.

I have a pair of Sennheiser RS 170 headphones and im looking to replace ear pads ( letherette ones ) to velour ones, as the leather imitation is uncomfortable after long period due to sweat.

So my question is ? Would earpads from rs180 fit to rs170 model, looks very simillar to me.



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Yes, you're right..they are

Yes, you're right..they are very similar, but it looks like nobody have tried that. Why not try for yourself and let us know? or just email sennheiser requesting more info.

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RE: Sennheiser RS 170 ear pads replacement.

They have different part numbers.  For the RS 160/170, the ear pads are part # 534470, and for the RS 180, it's part # 534469.

The item description on www.headphone.com states that they are NOT interchangeable.  Quote from page:

"These pad cushions will NOT fit the Sennheiser RS160 or RS170 models. Earpad replacements for those two Sennheiser wireless headphones are sold separately here!"


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RE: Sennheiser RS 170 ear pads replacement.

To all rs170 users,  180 ear pads ( velour ones ) fits perfectly to 170 model, much better experience over longer usage period. no sweaty ears Smile

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RE: Sennheiser RS 170 ear pads replacement.

As said above the RS180 Velour pads fit fine on the RS170.



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