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TiVo multiroom distribution

Am I doing the right thing? I am very new to AV related stuff but this is the set up in my house. I have a hub room next to my cinema room ( no av yet still learning! ). The house has cat5e and coax in every room which is all fed from the hub room. I have signed up to Virgin and will receive my TiVo box soon. Here is the question. To avoid having cable run around the house to the TV/family room where we do most of our viewing at the back of the house i want to bring the virgin point into the hub room ( at front of house ) and distribute the signal. Another reason for doing this is the kids may want to watch tv in the cinema room or lounge or where ever. Understand the point is not to watch TiVo on the teles at the same time rather make use of the house network. After research I have been reassured that if i use a good (puma) HDMI to cat5e transmitter (£110) connected to the TiVo and a corresponding receiver (£100) in the required room, it will work without signal loss over the cat5e network. The TiVo would be controlled with the powermid. Now the cost of this is quite high and I want to get it right ( also i want to use the network since i've got one ) does anybody have experience of distributing TiVo signals over cat5e?