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So all done in about an hour

So all done in about an hour including Tivo box in bedroom, getting about 120mb on BB right now with all phones, tablets etc connected and things are loading a lot faster. TV picture and soundquality seems every bit as good as Sky on HD, the planner is something of a lottery though. I expected it would take some time to get to know my way around my favourite channels but the way the planner is put together seems a little crazy! I'll live with it though and get used to it - On demand stuff seems to be better than Sky.

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It's what you get used too,

It's what you get used too, both my sons use Sky & are forever saying they find the Tivo & remote confusing & not on a par with Sky, after using VM for some years now I find the opposite true because I don't use the Sky interface every day - If you connect the Tivo to the net via Ethernet you can use the VM app to record single programs or series wherever you are if you find it useful, I do when away.

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