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Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02D - review

I have just finished my review of the EHP-O2D, check it out here:



A big thank you to Oliver, at Epiphany Acoustics, for allowing me to test one of their first batches of EHP-O2D's. The USB DAC & mains powered headphone amplifier inside this model are made by blogger NwAvGuy, they are then combined in to the above enclosure here in the UK. Epiphany Acoustics have been around for only a year but they're not pulling any punches with their first DAC & amp combo. Featuring an ES9023 Sabre DAC and a high quality headphone amplifier for just under £190 is pretty impressive stuff. It's the only portable DAC & amp that I've tested not run from USB bus power, so it's a little less portable, but can it justify that with superior audio quality?