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Sony STRDH810 and PS3 - LPCM?

Hi all

I've tried reading up on this and ended up none the wiser - when watching blu rays on my system - PS3 slim into Sony STRDH810, the amp displays LPCM on the front - am I right in thinking this isnt the best setting as it should be on HD, and is it a simple setting tweak somewhere? I've played around and got nowhere. The bass is almost none existent from my sub and rear speakers dont seem to do much...

Thanks in advance

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RE: Sony STRDH810 and PS3 - LPCM?

If you have the PS3 output PCM this is still hd sound. The only difference is that you get the LPCM light on instead of DolbyHD/DTS-HD. The sound quality is exactly the same.


It is worth checking this though.

Page 84 of the Sony STR user manual. Make sure HDMI settings set “AUDIO OUT” to “AMP” not “TV+AMP”.


With "TV+AMP" the system may resort to the lowest common denominator. So, if for example your amp supports 7.1, but your tv only 2.1 - you may only get 2.1 through the amp as well.


Also, on the PS3 set the sound settings manually and check that all the linear PCM boxes are ticked.

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RE: Sony STRDH810 and PS3 - LPCM?



Also make sure you have set the PS3 Audio output settings to bitstream (direct) instead of Linear PCM, should work then.



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