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TV Tuner USB

Hi, Ive never seen a TV Tuner for a computer advertised in this mag (probably because its a computer gadget!!) but Im trying to buy a decent tv tuner usb for my dell desktop,been trying to do some research on the internet but its virtually impossible to find a highly rated tv tuner due to how many are available. Any suggestions or alternatives would be much aprreciated!! 


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Re: TV Tuner USB

Did you already sort out your requirements for a TV tuner? (single or twin tuner, analoge or digital, if digital DVB-T, DVB-C or DVB-S etc...)
This might make the selection a bit smaller and easier to rate.

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Re: TV Tuner USB

Wanted to get a digital tuner because the freeview channels are available...but not sure what type I need...whats the difference? any that you could recommend? 

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Re: TV Tuner USB

One thing at a time...
I know a bit or two about the technical side of things, maybe someone else will come along to help you fill in the blanks...

AFAIK (I live in the Netherlands) Freeview is plain DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestial). So you need support of DVB-T (Check Wikipedia on "Freeview" and/or "DVB-T").

So, what else...
Do you want to record a broadcast while you are watching another channel? Than you need two (twin or double) tuners.

And, do you want a remote control?

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Re: TV Tuner USB

We have tested several USB TV tuners in the magazine - they're all listed in the Digital TV tuners section of our Buyer's Guide every month (that's p107-108 for anyone who's got the current, September issue to hand).

The most recent one we tested was the August DVB-T201 (£25). If you can feed it a strong signal, it does a decent job - and at that price, has got to be worth a punt!. More details here.

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Re: TV Tuner USB

Have just about forgiven the August USB tuner for a very stressful couple of days. Had to be away at a conference the night the last episode of Life on Mars went out, but thought 'no probs, can watch it on my laptop with this thing.'

Could it get a signal? Could it borrox, as my darling Japanese wife would put it.

Had to wait 24 hours when the whole of the rest of the country knew whether Sam would stay or would he go - my mind wasn't exactly on the conference...

Shame really, because it works really well with a strong signal, and the recording software provided is neat, too. 

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