Watch the What Hi-Fi? team discuss the future of home cinema

Video: the future of home cinema - stick-on TVs, anywhere projectors and more
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It's time to take a break from all the reading on What Hi-Fi? and instead relax with the very medium that we so often talk about - video. 

We've brought you reviews, features and advice on how to set-up a great home cinema of today but what about the home cinemas of tomorrow? What is the future of home cinema?

It's a tough one to tease out but here to extrapolate from what we know today are three of What Hi-Fi?'s finest. Join the team for a little over half an hour as they discuss the likes of modular TVs, disappearing speakers and portable projectors that an offer an instant big screen experience any time, any place.

Go and make yourself a hot drink, pop on your headphones and do an honest 30 minutes slacking from work. It's been a long week. You deserve it.

If you like what you see there are more videos to enjoy on the What Hi-Fi? YouTube channel. Of particular interest will be those we recorded and aired for the What Hi-Fi? Virtual Show.

Much like the video above, these videos offer a closer look at different areas of the hi-fi and AV worlds and include some future gazing on the next big thing in hi-fi, how to build your own speakers and we lift the lid on exactly how the What Hi-F? review process actually works. Dig deeper and you'll also find a tonne of video reviews and reports on some of your favourite products.

We hope we've piqued your interest with this one. Do let us know how you'd like the future of home cinema to look in the comment section below.


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