I don't care, I love LG's suitcase TV

LG StanbyME GO suitcase TV at IFA 2023
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LG revealed its "TV in a suitcase" concept just last week, and it garnered mixed reactions from the What Hi-Fi? team to put it kindly. Mocked, shunned and even deemed a "monstrosity", the StanbyME GO was fighting an uphill battle, and I was the only one to defend its honour. Ultimately, I concede that the LG briefcase TV is probably not making our best TV list any time soon, but now that I've seen it in person, I'm even more of a fan.

The admittedly awfully named StanbyME GO is being touted as the ultimate camping companion by LG, going toe to toe with Samsung's (equally terribly named) The Freestyle Gen 2. Portability is the name of the game with the GO, as the touchscreen panel can fold neatly away into its suitcase outer shell for easy transportation. Not only that, but it can pivot to portrait orientation and tilt to various angles to suit your viewing needs, making it incredibly versatile. 

In the open position, the TV is reminiscent of one of those dreaded suitcase-style record players, but it just seems to work with the LG. There's a handy slot for your remote to sit in during transit, and of course, there's a carrying handle for the full briefcase aesthetic. Interestingly, LG has emblazoned Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision branding across the inner lid of the briefcase, suggesting that the GO is actually intended for some serious watching. 

webOS is also onboard, meaning you won't have to cart around a Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast with you if you want to stream a movie or TV show. While I can't say for sure, I would also assume that means the game streaming apps featured on LG's TVs are also present, meaning this could be the ultimate portable gaming setup - snatching that title from The Freestyle 2 before it even launches. 

Ultimately, this will not replace your five-star OLED TV, but for the right people, this TV could be the ideal option. While camping seems to be LG's main focus, I feel  that this could also be the ideal TV for students or those in cramped house-shares who want a decent screen that doesn't take up a load of space. 

There is one small issue, however – and that's price. At $1000 (around £790 / £1545), LG has maybe priced it at odds with the demographic I feel it would suit best. Battery life is also supposedly sitting around the three-hour mark, which also isn't ideal, especially if you are venturing out in the wild with your TV.

Realistically, the StanbyME GO is not a product for everyone, but its fun and quirky design and surprisingly well thought out portability features make it an interesting TV nonetheless. Seeing it side by side with the equally unique and trendsetting M3 OLED Wireless TV at LG's IFA stand is an encouraging sight for the future of TV. 


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Lewis Empson
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