Forget 8K and 100-inch gimmickry – trust me, just grab a OLED TV while they're hot

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday might have been and gone, but there are some great TV deals still hanging on.

A lot of stores still have huge savings on everything from award-winning Mini LED sets to price crashes on weird and wonderful items, such as next-gen 8K resolution and behemoth 98-inch TVs.

And look, I get that there is some appeal for going off the beaten track and jumping at the idea of grabbing a 98-inch TCL for £1999 at Peter Tyson or Samsung’s latest 75-inch 8K Mini LED with a healthy £900 knocked off its price. Even though on the latter you’re still schilling out £3000, both items will at the very least be conversation pieces when people come over…

TCL 98P745 was £2999 now £1999 at Peter Tyson (save £1000)

TCL 98P745 was £2999 now £1999 at Peter Tyson (save £1000)
The price of TCL's 98-inch giant TV has plummeted, making it one of the cheapest huge sets we've seen. Featuring a giant screen and a wealth of gaming features it could be THE best option for any deal hunter dead set on getting a 98-inch TV this holiday deal season.

But my honest response to most people is that they’d be better off looking at one of the cracking discounts doing the rounds on a regular OLED.

The reason for this is pretty simple. For the same money, or at times less, you’ll get a much better-value deal. As I’ve said hundreds of times before, performance-per-pound/dollar and picture quality are two of the biggest metrics we base our review scores and buying advice on.

And from these metrics, the deals on flagship OLEDs are much better at the moment. Take, for example, the current Samsung 8K deal, where you can grab the giant 75-inch QN700C Neo QLED for £2999 – a hefty £900 saving on its regular £3899 price. For £300 less you could get a 55-inch Sony A95L QD-OLED. Specifically, the Sony XR55A95L is now just £2698 at Peter Tyson

Sony XR55A95L 55 inch QD-OLED 4K TV was £2999 now £2698 at Peter Tyson (save £301)

Sony XR55A95L 55 inch QD-OLED 4K TV was £2999 now £2698 at Peter Tyson (save £301)
If you are in the market for a new QD-OLED TV capable of a faithful recreation of your favourite shows and movies, the Sony A95L is worth a look. We were very impressed by the 65-inch version of this TV set and even praised its sound quality. It’s a pricey TV, however, so this fresh discount could make a difference.

Price check: £2699 @ John Lewis and Amazon

Sure, it has less screen space, but 55 inches is more than big enough for most homes, and trust me when I say the A95L is THE best TV to arrive this year when it comes to picture quality.

When we got it into our test rooms, TV/AV editor Tom Parsons, our technical editor, Ketan Bharadia, and I were all blown away by quite how good it was, as it consistently delivered stunning levels of brightness and contrast as well as wonderfully authentic colours in all our checks. 

The conclusion of our Sony A95L review says it all: 

“Be in no doubt; the Sony A95L is a stunning TV. Not only is it capable of going astonishingly bright and producing incredibly vibrant colours, but it also uses those abilities to recreate movies and TV shows more accurately than the TVs with which it is competing.”

Mini-LED panels, like the one on the Samsung, simply can’t match the blacks of QD-OLED sets such as the Sony. And its main draw – 8K – is in my mind still a bit of a gimmick as there’s next to no native content to watch at that resolution, so you’ll be relying on upscaling pretty much all the time, which in our experience usually hurts, not helps, picture quality.

The same is true for the TCL. The TCL 98P745 4K is available for an incredibly low £1999 at Peter Tyson, a huge £1000 saving on its regular price.

Yes, £1999 is a cracking price for 98 inches. But again, for the money, there are much better options. Let’s take the 5-star LG G3 as an example. This next-gen OLED features brightness-boosting MLA tech and is THE best flagship for next-gen gamers thanks to its inclusion of four, as opposed to the standard two, HDMI 2.1 ports.

You can grab the 55-inch LG G3 for just £1499 at Sevenoaks at the moment. That’s a massive saving on its regular £2399 price. Or, if you want to go larger, the 65-inch LG G3 is currently retailing for £2148 at Sevenoaks – an equally impressive discount on its regular £3499 price.

LG OLED65G3 2023 OLED TV – was £3499, now £2148 (save £1351)

LG OLED65G3 2023 OLED TV – was £3499, now £2148 (save £1351)

LG's 2023 flagship OLED has had its price slashed and is one of the best OLED TV deals currently doing the rounds. For your cash, you get a giant, next-generation gaming-ready OLED with dazzlingly high max-brightness and excellent HDR performance.

Read our LG G3 review

In my mind the picture quality and connectivity benefits you’ll get on these more than make up for the reduced screen real estate, making them a better purchase for any enthusiast or home cinema fan.

I’m sure angry readers – who are most likely to be from Australia, based on past correspondence telling me to “just build a bigger house” the last time I argued that picture quality is more important than screen size once you go beyond 55 inches – will disagree. But, please at least consider the above before you pull the trigger on a new TV. Long term, you will 100 per cent be better off with a reliable, normal-sized OLED than a next-gen 8K or giant 100-incher.

Alastair Stevenson
Editor in Chief

Alastair is What Hi-Fi?’s editor in chief. He has well over a decade’s experience as a journalist working in both B2C and B2B press. During this time he’s covered everything from the launch of the first Amazon Echo to government cyber security policy. Prior to joining What Hi-Fi? he served as Trusted Reviews’ editor-in-chief. Outside of tech, he has a Masters from King’s College London in Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion, is an enthusiastic, but untalented, guitar player and runs a webcomic in his spare time. 

  • Azzuro
    I find it nonsensical to compare a deal on a 55" OLED with a 98" LED TV. We are talking over 3x the screen size. If one has the viewing distance (which is a large chunk of people) of 3-4m or 10-13 feet then it not even a fair comparison. Even if the OLED is clearly superior on quality, nothing beats the immersion - simple physics. Also, 55" is NOT big enough for most people if they care about home video (i.e the people that read articles from this site and who read the magazine). To get any form of proper immersion from 55" you need to sit 6-7 feet away which is VERY close. These days 65" is becoming the minimum size for most living rooms. I do agree, however, with 8K - that is superfluous with close to zero native content available.
  • asmidir
    There's something about immersion that supersedes absolute quality and 98" for £2000 is very difficult to ignore, if you've got the space!

    I'm considering it and I've got a 65" LG OLED
  • shott92
    The problem is with OLEDs that always goes untold is that in brightly lit rooms where the TV is mounted opposite a south facing window, they're just very expensive black mirrors. I tried an old, but all I could see was the reflection of outside... I took it back after a week, replaced with a miniLED and much more satisfied with the viewability
  • EngineEar1000
    You are aware that QLED is LCD, not OLED?

    There's no comparison between the two. And I strongly suspect Samsung created the QLED name as a cynical way to fool people who think they are getting a version of OLED.
  • Ian AV
    Take it from me, a 55" OLED or 92" projector, there's no comparison. Projector every time, more detail, more emersion, we don't watch a movie, we're part of it. Oh, we do have Dolby Atmos as intended with ceiling speakers and plenty of power, which adds to the overall experience. Just wish I had room for a 120" or 160" but my main speakers won't allow it.
    BTW. I'm British.