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Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One review

The Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One can be terminated with RCA, XLR or DIN plugs Tested at £30

Our Verdict

Unless you’ve a feral system to be subdued, the Copper-line Alpha One doesn’t appeal


  • Warm and nicely rounded sound


  • Lacks detail and insight

It's good to know that Clearer Audio can terminate its Copperline Alpha One interconnects with XLR or DIN plugs as well as the RCAs we've tested.

They provide a warm and nicely rounded listen, certainly, but this audio comfort is at the expense of detail (which is sparse) and insight (which is cursory).

As a result, intricate recordings like Ali Farka Toure's Ai Du are relatively short of tension and nuance. You can do better.

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