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Chord Company CobraPlus review

It's been revamped four times now, but Chord's Cobra interconnect still proves to be a compelling listen, and in its new CobraPlus guise, vital Tested at £66.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The CobraPlus could be the perfect tonic for a dull-sounding entry-level system


  • Weighty sound
  • punchy bass
  • expressive dynamics


  • Nothing of note

This is the fourth time in its 20-year history that Chord's Cobra interconnect has been revamped.

Chord claims that the new, CobraPlus version features improved shielding techniques, trickled down from its more expensive high-end cables. The net result is an interconnect that allows for a weighty, powerful sound.

Low frequencies flex more muscle, while vocals are more expressive and focused than you find when listening to budget interconnects. Spin Eminem's W.T.P, and the punchy bass line hits with conviction.

If you're willing to break through the £50 barrier for this pair of interconnects, you'll be duly awarded.

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